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Termination – Just Cause – Mayor Rob Ford

Today, November 26, 2012, Mayor Rob Ford has been terminated as Mayor of the city of Toronto because he has been accused of breaking the Municipal Conflict of Interest Act by receiving $3,150 in donations for his football charity. Similar situations happen in many organizations in Canada, where employees have a conflict of interest by […]

Grey Cup and Job Competitions

Today’s the Grey Cup, Canadian version of football.  It has different rules than the National Football League, NHL, and is less popular form of football. As the 2 teams try to win the Grey Cup tonight, each team player has practiced to be the best player for the game by looking at old games played […]

Who will win the US Presidential Election? (internal or external recruitment)

President Obama is currently competing for his role as the President of the United States. It’s about presentation and being able to convince their future employer(s) (tax payer) they are the right fit for the job.  It’s also the concept of hiring internally, President Obama vs externally, Mitt Romney. The following provides the advantages and disadvantages […]