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Work Life Balance

Work Life Balance is a great idea on paper.  With the advancement of technology , 8-hour workday has become stretched.  We are focusing more on our careers than our families or personal lives.

According to the May 20, 2016 Globe and Mail article, ‘Can we do the work without killing ourselves?’ Ad executive enforces shorter workdays illustrates advertising agencies overworking their employees. A video is included which demonstrates  an organization who rewards their employees by allowing to see their families, only after the work is completed.  This can have a negative impact on an employee’s motivation and productivity because they are not getting enough sleep each night or eating healthy.

The article looks at one organization, Wolf & Wilhelmine, who really follows work life-balance where “employees are not allowed to send e-mails after 7 p.m. or on Saturdays. (Sundays are okay but nobody is required to respond to an internal e-mail on Sunday.) They will be disciplined for sending e-mails or being connected to the office while on vacation. Employees who do not take their vacation time are ineligible for bonuses. Each week, the agency conducts a meeting where everyone estimates their workload for the week; if anyone is in danger of exceeding 40 hours that week, work is shifted around or freelancers are brought in to help. All of this is disclosed to clients up front before they begin working together”

The article demonstrates a specific industry, however, the example of Wolf & Wilhelmine can be applied to any public or private organization.



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