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The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a master’s degree in business administration.  Most programs teach students to be successful in the corporate world.  These programs have become so popular that students who have graduated from undergraduate immediately apply for MBA schools.   This is with the hope of getting more job opportunities.  However, “MBA” on a resume is no longer guarantees employment because everyone seems to have one.  It does not differentiate anyone if thousands of applicants have similar credentials.

When I was deciding on continuing my education, I realized that master degrees appeared less on resumes.  It differentiated me from the other applicants because it demonstrated that I had a specific career direction and could be a subject matter expert in the field of  HR.

Another good way to  be more competitive is having work experience prior to pursuing a MBA or master’s degree.  This can help better understand the work place and easier with school projects.

The July 13, 2016 article “Nothing special: MBAs are no longer prized by employers” (The Economist) illustrates the MBA may not have the competitive edge for employment opportunities as it once did.


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