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Why People Quit Their Jobs?

Everyone has a point in their life where they want to quit their job.

Based on the recent HBR article, Why People Quit Their Jobs  looks at why employees leave their jobs. Typically they don’t like their boss, don’t see opportunities for promotion or growth, or are offered a better pay.

With the popularity of social media, it was found that the reason employees want to make a change is their sense of how they’re doing compared with other people in their peer group, or with where they thought they would be at a certain point in life.

Also, people tend to make changes during their work anniversaries, birthdays—particularly midlife milestones such as turning 40 or 50—can prompt employees to assess their careers and take action if they’re unhappy with the results and large social gatherings of peers, such as class reunions, can also be catalysts to measure their progress relative to others.


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