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Parlez-vous français ?

I have a real interest in the French culture.  This stems for my childhood.  I started my education in Montreal. where I was exposed to the French language. I spoke it really well, however,  my family and I moved to Toronto.   While in Toronto, I  only spoke French and was encouraged to learn English only.

As I went through school, French became less of a priority for me.   However, when I started working, I realized how important the language  was living in Canada.  It really makes you marketable in your career living in Canada.

Because of my earlier exposure to French, I have basic knowledge of the language.  I have started reading books, listening to the radio and watching television in French.  I could say I am now able to understand it really well.  I still need some work on speaking it and I have started to practice with colleagues who are bilingual.

So I am definitely an advocate for having the french language as a mandatory course until high school.

I recently found an article in the July 5, 2013, Globe and Mail:

Why French immersion should be in all schools – or none at all



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