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Campus Recruitment

Campus recruitment is when organizations visit Universities or Colleges and invite students to meet them.  These organizations have information sessions to entice soon to be graduates to work for them. These sessions can consist of wine and cheese, so basically get them drunk and that will impress the students, because we all know that post secondary education is all about drinking…kidding.

Campus recruitment is a sweet deal because graduates are usually in massive debt and want a job to pay off the debt and organizations pay for the intellectual property.

It can be overwhelming for a student, especially the student who is at the top of their class, all the organizations want them.

A suggestion would be research and attend these information sessions so that you can meet current employees from the organization and see if you can be a fit for the company.  The best way to find out what organizations will be coming to your school, contact the school career centre.

Also, visit organizations that you would like work for and see if there is a new graduate career section.



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