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An internship is an important opportunity for career development for students. However,  many organizations are exploiting theses students, utilizing student’s knowledge for free.

The benefit for students is that it can help them with getting their career started. It also gives the opportunity for students to network and showcase their working capabilities.  It’s similar to volunteering with the purpose of getting a paid job in the future.

I recently saw an interesting article about internship from the July 2, 2013 Globe & Mail.

Unpaid internships exploit ‘vulnerable generation

Tell me what you think about internships?


One comment on “Internship

  1. It’s unpaid labour and it’s not fair!

    However much as an entrepreneur that I like to watch costs, this is not fair to students. I was always paid as a summer student, ok, it was minimum wage or slightly above but I was paid.

    Maybe it there is a short time limit, like volunteering for a week as a way to prove yourself – ok, it’s a marketing gimmick that just might work and takes the risk out of the hire out of the equation. But to go on longer than a couple of weeks – NO! Especially at profitable public companies who could afford to pay students.

    We end up paying one way or the other, ie in taxes, so let’s make students more self-reliant by paying them a decent wage that they’ve earned.

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