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Types of Resumes

Resumes can take many formats. It is suggested to research what is the most popular forms in your particular industry.

The most popular are:

Chronological: This type of  resume is used when the focus is on the ork experience over a period of tme.  This style of resume starts with your most recent job and works backwards. The same applies to education and other related categories.

Functional: This resume focuses on the skills and abilities and is organized by functions, skills or duties.  It does not refer to jobs or education chronologically.  Functional resumes can help when you are making a career change or if you have employment gaps.

Combination: Combination resumes merge the chronological and functional styles together.  It usually starts off with a description of your skills and strengths. Usually this is followed up with details about your work experience and education in chronological order.

Whatever format that you choose to use a  resume should include your name, contact information (i.e: e-mail address, a number that the recruiter can contact you), your experience, your education, any volunteer experience, skills.  Each of these sections should relate to the role that one is applying for.


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